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With an aim to unite the entire Opposition to counter the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the 2024 Lok Sabha
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov today backed India for becoming a permanent member of the UN Security Council. While addressing the
The internet is abuzz with speculation about China President Xi Jinping being under house arrest. According to several posts on
The Aam Aadmi Party versus Governor tussle in Punjab over a possible trust vote reached the next level, with  Governor
N R Narayana Murthy, co-founder of IT giant Infosys, on Friday lamented that economic activities in India were "stalled" and
The two top leaders of the Grand Alliance in Bihar -- Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Rashtriya Janata Dal's Lalu


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It Is Going To Be An All Out War In Ukraine Now Between Russia And NATO

By Debabrata Biswas from Boston When Russia, on February 24, 2022 waged a full scale military invasion of Ukraine, many a people and President Putin himself thought that it would be a cakewalk like Russia’s previous invasion of Crimea. But since then the Ukrainians are fighting back vigorously under...

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India Among 42 Countries Where People Are Being Silenced

By Dr. Gyan Pathak India is among the 42 countries where victims of rights violations, human rights defenders and journalists have suffered reprisals and intimidation by States and non-State actors – including being detained, targeted by restrictive legislation and surveilled both online and offline. It has been revealed in...

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India Is Facing Again A Foreign Exchange Crisis Hitting Balance Of Payments

By Prabhat Patnaik On September 23, the value of the rupee vis-a-vis the dollar fell to a new low: it crossed 81 to a dollar after some weeks of relative stability when it hovered between 79 and 80. And it fell despite the Reserve Bank’s running down of foreign...

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Nitin Gadkari Is Right – India Is A Rich Country With Largest Poor Population

By Sushil Kutty The Modi government’s Transport minister Nitin Gadkari doesn’t know the slippery slope of being subjected to journalism and what happens when social media joins the toxic parade. The minister, who lost considerable weight to gain fame, is no lightweight though he often lands in weighty controversies...

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Present Economic Policies Of Modi Government Widening Inequality

By Shreenivas Khandewale In a democracy, it is said, whatever the policies and implementation, the opposition and others will criticise the Government. But the government, on its part, thinks and says that since opposition is criticizing, its policies must be correct. The present day economic scenario represents such a...

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Globalisation Of Agri-Business Is Not Taking Into Account Farmers Interests

By Dr B K Kango Since 1980 there was a concentrated effort of multinationals to impose structural adjustment on all nations through IMF and World Bank. Simultaneously, seeing a huge possibility of profit in Agribusiness due to increase in population (In 1950 World Population was about 200 crores, by...

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Samajwadi Party Focusing On Kurmis And OBC’s Ahead Of 2024 Polls

By Rahil Nora Chopra Ahead of general elections in 2024, the Samajwadi party has given   main focus on kurmi and other OBC votes. At the recent Uttar Pradesh state convention, Naresh Uttam Patel was elected as the state president of the SP for the second time in a row....

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Victory Of Far Right In Italy Has Big Lessons For The Left In Europe

By Prakash Karat The victory of the far-right alliance in the parliament election in Italy is a watershed moment in Europe. The far-right alliance consisting of the post-fascist Fratellid’ Italia (Brothers Party of Italy) and its alliance partners – the League and Forza Italia – have won 46 per...

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CAG Exposes Irregularities And Corruption In Uttar Pradesh

By Dr. Gyan Pathak The Compliance Audit Report of the Comptrollers and Auditor General of India (CAG) has exposed numerous cases of irregularities and corruption in Uttar Pradesh on which the state government did not take prompt actions even when they were pointed out making the real intention of...

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Congress Presidential Race Has Turned Bizarre With Ashok Gehlot On Dock

By Sushil Kutty Rahul Gandhi and the Bharat Jodo Yatra were in the Muslim-majority Kerala district of Malappuram the day before yesterday. Then, September 28, the ‘Yatra’ made its triumphant entry into Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency. Another day, and Bharat Jodo Yatra would be clean out of Kerala,...

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