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China on Monday claimed ownership of Arunachal Pradesh - which Beijing calls South Tibet - and Aksai Chin - occupied
Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Bengaluru today to congratulate and interact with ISRO scientists involved in the Chandrayaan-3 mission
As former President Donald Trump was arrested in Atlanta, U.S. President Joe Biden said he had spoken with Ukraine's president
India's space economy is expected to be worth USD$13 billion by 2025. On Wednesday, the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft landed on the
The head of the Wagner mercenary group, which in June attempted to topple Russia's military leadership, was on board a
As Prime Minister Narendra Modi left for South Africa to attend the BRICS Summit, sources say there is a possibility



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CPI(ML)–L Is Ready To Align With Mamata In Bengal To Fight The BJP In Lok Sabha Polls

By Arun Srivastava Fighting RSS fascism and saffron authoritarianism has been the major task before the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-Liberation and for achieving this mission, the party would continue to work for strengthening the INDIA block. Like the CPI(M), the CPI(ML-Liberation) does not suffer with any ambiguity. The...

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Great Tagore Songs Singer Suchitra Mitra Mesmerised Bengalees For Decades

By Tirthankar Mitra Rendition of any Rabindra Sangeet in Suchitra Mitra’s powerful yet melodious voice has always left her audience asking for more. More often than not, the singer extraordinary of Bengal obliged. On the occasion of her birth centenary this month, one once again feels the appeal of...

Sep 20 · >

Deepika Padukone Is Now A Leading Female Actress In Indian Film Industry

By Harihar Swarup When you have an incredible face, an incredible figure and incredible talent, you really have it all. Film star Deepika Padukone works harder than anyone. She has inherited from her parents a lot of discipline. Deepika, 37, is India’s highest paid film female actress. She reportedly...

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Khalistan Movement Is Weak In India But Its Influence Is Quite Strong In Sikh Diaspora

By Girish Linganna After India gained freedom from Britain in 1947, some people didn’t think a country with so many different regions could stay together. India has managed to stay united, but there have been challenges to its unity. One significant challenge is the Khalistan movement, which wants to...

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Significance Of Putin-Kim Summit For Rest Of The World And Global Power Balance

By M A Hossain On September 13, North Korean leader Chairman Kim Jong-un embarked on his first foreign visit, following the global public health crisis. His arrival was marked by disembarkation from his bullet-proof train at the Vostochny Cosmodrome spaceport, located in the Amur Oblast in the Russian Far...

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United Auto Workers Indefinite Strike Is Impacting 2024 US Presidential Polls

By Satyaki Chakraborty The United States is witnessing one of the biggest working class actions in its history as the United Auto Workers (UAW) affiliated workers are on an indefinite strike action from September 15 after the talks with the three top automakers General Motors, Ford and Stellantis failed...

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Ukraine Adviser’s Racist Remark On India And China Creates A Big Row

By Girish Linganna In a recent interview, Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, mentioned that he believed countries such as India and China might not have strong intellectual capabilities and might not fully think through the outcomes of their actions. Podolyak’s remarks followed just...

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The Miss Universe From Pakistan Brings Cheers To Countrymen At Last

By Arun Kumar Shrivastav Finally, there is news from Pakistan not about looming bankruptcy or anarchy. It’s about one of those beautiful things that Pakistan has in abundance. Indian people have been following Sachin Meena and Seema Haider’s love story, gasping at the beauty and lean figure of Seema...

Sep 19 · >

At Current Pace World To Take 197 To 430 Years To Close Gender Gap

By Dr. Gyan Pathak On the current pace of reforms, the world may take between 197 to 430 years to close the global gender gap, which means misallocation of women’s talents and abilities would remain a major issue to the detriment of societies for a long time. The estimate...

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India Is Behind Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka In Gender Pay Parity

By Rejimon Kuttappan On March 10, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a post-budget webinar on Economic Empowerment of Women that, “India can move forward only by raising the levels of the respect for women and the sense of equality.” On August 15, in his Independence Day speech at...

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