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Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted five pledges for India during his independence day address from the Red Fort on the occasion
'Har Ghar Tiranga' campaign by the Centre to commemorate 75 years of the country's Independence has helped boost demand for
The second "Partition Horrors Remembrance Day" -- named so by Prime Minister Narendra Modi -- passed in bitter recriminations between
Ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala died this morning at a Mumbai hospital. He was 62. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was rushed to the
Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday asked the states doling out freebies to check the fiscal strength of the
Author Salman Rushdie was taken off the ventilator last night as he remained hospitalised with serious injuries after being stabbed


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BJP Leaders Have Started Course For Overthrow Of Nitish Kumar Regime

  By Arun Srivastava   It was certainly not a coincidence that on the day Prime   Minister was addressing the Independence   Day rally, Amit Shah in association with the senior BJP leaders and members of the core group of party was working on the design to throw out the...

Aug 17 · >

Decoding My Seventy-Two Years In Independent India-Part Two

  By Nitya Chakraborty   In 1960, at the global level, the most important development was the World Conference of the   communist parties, the result of which was the 81 parties’ document. The conference laid bare the growing fissures within the once monolithic communist movement, as well as the...

Aug 17 · >

Reining In ‘Freebies’ Needs Thorough Debate

By Dr. Gyan Pathak   The ongoing freebies case in the Supreme Court of India has reached an interesting stage with the DMK seeking to be made a party into it. It clearly indicated that the presumption on which the ‘freebies’ is understood would decide its fate in favour...

Aug 17 · >

Release Of The Eleven Imprisoned Rapists Of Bilkis Bano Is Atrocious

By Sushil Kutty   Monday, the eleven   persons   who gang-raped Bilkis Bano during the 2002 Gujarat communal riots walked free. The panel that let them off called it “remission”, which is different from “relapse”. And, with these ’11’, you never know when they’ll have a relapse. Anything is possible...

Aug 17 · >

Heyday For Geopolitics Of Eurasian Transport

By James M Dorsey   When Russia invaded Ukraine, it took itself off the map of Eurasian transport corridors linking China and Europe. At the same time, it breathed new life into moribund routes that would allow goods to travel across the Eurasian landmass without traversing Russia. It also...

Aug 17 · >

Jagdeep Dhankar Had A Chequered Career Involving Many Political Parties

By Harihar Swarup   The Vice-President, Jagdeep Dhanker is a quick learner. Within months of joining the Sainik School in Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh, as a class five student, he became proficient in English. “During the summer vacation when he came home, he was asked before visiting government officials to display...

Aug 17 · >

NATO Expansion Into Finland And Sweden A Danger To World Peace

  By David Cavendish   On Wednesday, August 10, President Joe Biden signed the treaty to admit Sweden and Finland to membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This follows on the action last week of the Senate, which voted 95 to 1 (with one member voting “present”...

Aug 17 · >

Prime Minister’s Five Pledges On Independence Day Mean Very Little To Poor

By Sushil Kutty   Prime Minister Narendra Modi must have burned midnight oil to think up his five pledges to turn India into a country of his dreams by 2047, independent India’s centenary year. And the ’5 Modi Pledges’ appear to have limped away from the basic goals of...

Aug 16 · >

Labour Movement Has Lost Its Earlier Striking Power

By Gyan Pathak   The change in the world of work has been accelerating, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic struck the country and India was put under lockdown since March 24, 2020. Barring those who were working in government, public sector, and in essential services, the majority of the...

Aug 16 · >

Decoding My Seventy-Two Years In Independent India

By Nitya Chakraborty   I first participated in Independence Day celebrations on August 15, 1950, in Calcutta at Prince Ghulam Mohammad Road near Lake Market. I was nine years old. Our family came as refugees from East Bengal, then in Pakistan, in March 1950 and stayed at my oldest...

Aug 16 · >