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Congress MP Abdul Khaleque today batted for Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to take on the mantle of party presidency, saying that
After two rounds of nationwide raids and arrest of over 240 leaders and functionaries of Popular Front Of India (PFI) in
Days after multi agency raids on top leaders and functionaries of Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) leading to
The Centre has blocked 45 YouTube videos from 10 channels for playing fake news and morphed visuals to spread hate
Bihar Chief Mnister Nitish Kumar -- the self-appointed interlocuter of the opposition -- met Sonia Gandhi in Delhi with Bihar
The United States would respond decisively to any Russian use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine and has spelled out to


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Higher Gas Royalty To Cause Ripple Effect, Squeeze Household Budgets Further

By K Raveendran The government has raised the price of natural gas by an incredible 40 percent to take it to a new level, and the move comes like a bolt from the blue to consumers who are already finding their energy costs unbearable. Household budgets are expected to...

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Nitish Kumar-Lalu Yadav Combine Has Potential To Unite Kurmis With Yadavs

By Harihar Swarup The increase in visibility and profile of Nitish in national politics ever since he dumped  the BJP and joined hands with Lalu Prasad Yadav  has spotlighted the OBC Kurmi community to which Bihar Chief Minister belongs. Kurmis are a small community than Yadavs, they have not...

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Tharoor Vs Kharge – It Is A Battle Between Change And Continuity In Congress

By Sushil Kutty There was Sir C Sankaran Nair, the only Malayali Congress president in a 100 plus years. He was elected in 1897. Nair rose from obscurity to prominence and left behind a big family and a sprawling estate. A grandson was Lt. Gen. Candeth, the liberator of...

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Festival Season Could Not Generate Enough Jobs

By Dr. Gyan Pathak The Festival Season could not generate enough employment in September 2022 which ended up with unemployment rate of 7.7 per cent in urban India, still above 7.37 per cent of October 2021 indicating weak revival of job market in the country. It is significant since...

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Corporate Hospitals Are Fleecing Common Patients By Overcharging

By Dr Arun Mitra The issue of overcharging by the corporate hospitals has been a matter of much concern. In 2017 it came to highlight when a child suffering from Dengue Fever could not be saved in the Fortis hospital, Gurgaon but the parents were billed Rs.15 Lakhs. The...

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Supreme Court Has Recognised Pregnant Woman’s Right To Dignity

By Rohin Bhatt When the Delhi High Court dismissed the matter of X versus. The Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, I was apprehensive that this case would end in disappointment and result in a situation which is similar to  what is happening after the United States Supreme...

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Southeast Asia Mirrors Middle East’s Increasing Religious Fundamentalism

By James M Dorsey In a mirror image of recent polling in the Middle East, a just-published survey of Muslims in Southeast Asia suggests Islam’s central role in people’s daily lives and choices. The survey was published days after former Indonesian minister of social affairs Habib Salim Segaf Al-Jufri...

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Netflix Release Blonde Is Marilyn Monroe Abased All Over Again

By Eileen Jones By now the Netflix film Blonde is notorious for its length, it’s NC-17 rating, and its cruelly narrow view of film star Marilyn Monroe (Ana de Armas) as a relentlessly abused and exploited waif from early childhood through her death of a drug overdose at age...

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It Is Going To Be An All Out War In Ukraine Now Between Russia And NATO

By Debabrata Biswas from Boston When Russia, on February 24, 2022 waged a full scale military invasion of Ukraine, many a people and President Putin himself thought that it would be a cakewalk like Russia’s previous invasion of Crimea. But since then the Ukrainians are fighting back vigorously under...

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India Among 42 Countries Where People Are Being Silenced

By Dr. Gyan Pathak India is among the 42 countries where victims of rights violations, human rights defenders and journalists have suffered reprisals and intimidation by States and non-State actors – including being detained, targeted by restrictive legislation and surveilled both online and offline. It has been revealed in...

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