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Yoga guru Ramdev and his aide Balkrishna are in the Supreme Court today as it hears the contempt case against
As Iran launched drones and missiles at Israel - marking a new and more volatile phase of the Middle East
Air India flights will be avoiding Iranian airspace amid soaring Middle East tensions as warnings grew of retaliation for Israeli
A day after the Delhi High Court dismissed his petition challenging his arrest in the liquor policy case, Chief Minister
Congress MP Nakul Nath - the son of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath is the richest candidate in
While every Indian is likely to harbour a political ideology or inclination, Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud emphasized today



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For India, Any Escalation Of Israel-Iran War Is Bad For The Country’s Economy

By Girish Linganna As the polling for the 18th Indian Lok Sabha elections began on April 19, New Delhi is closely monitoring the growing conflict between Iran and Israel. The situation in the Middle East is creating risks for energy, security, and trade that could affect India, now the...

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Oil Market Nerves Calmed After Israeli Retaliation Pushes Prices To Weekly Peak

By K Raveendran A sudden spike in the oil price in the wake of Israel’s retaliatory missile attack on Iran seemed to have upset the calculations of a relative stability in the crude oil market, but the unexpected development, both in terms of the retaliation and its market impact,...

Apr 20 · >

To Protect Democracy, Trust In Election Commission Is Imperative

By Arun Srivastava While pushing the EVM button, the voters who turned up in large numbers at the polling booths in the first phase of the Lok Sabha 2024 elections, overwhelmingly showed their choice and preference for the INDIA bloc and especially Congress. However, they were fairly sceptical of...

Apr 20 · >

Will It Be The End Of Modi Raj Or Fixed Poll Outcome?

By Sushil Kutty Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday tweeted the BJP had received a “great response” in the first phase of polling in which 60 percent of the electorate voted. It is news Prime Minister Modi considers 60 percent “record numbers”. Modi-bhakt journos did not share the same...

Apr 20 · >

M K Stalin Superbly Led DMK Led INDIA Front In Its Poll Battle In 2024

By Harihar Swarup Tamil Nadu with 39 seats went to the Lok Sabha polls in the first phase on April 19. The DMK supremo chief minister M K Stalin is fully confident in sweeping the polls in 2024 just like 2019 Lok Sabha polls. It was Stalin and Stalin...

Apr 20 · >

Women Not Getting Their Due Despite PM Narendra Modi’s Big Talk

By Dr. Gyan Pathak It is irrefutable fact that women are not getting their dues in India, though we have been hearing PM Narendra Modi’s big talks of women welfare under his premiership. Now in a bid to attract women voters he has assuring a new chapter in rise...

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Fourth Bitcoin Halving Event Is A Historic Moment In The Industry

By Arun Kumar Shrivastav The historic fourth Bitcoin halving event came at 00.09 UTC on Saturday (05.39 am IST on Sunday) when the Bitcoin network posted its 840,000th block. The highly-anticipated moment embarks the cryptocurrency industry on a new phase when mining rewards for minting new blocks on Bitcoin...

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Maryam Nawaz Has Set The Right Tone For Improving India-Pak Relations

By Tirthankar Mitra Post a tumultuous national election in Pakistan, a diplomatic overture from this western neighbour towards India was being awaited. And now that it has come, even though from an unlikely quarter, it is welcome. For even though it is not from the Pak foreign minister, the...

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Bangladesh Makes Decisive Moves Against Kuki-Chin Armed Struggle

By M A Hossain The Bangladesh government has garnered significant experience in countering insurgency activities in the Chattogram Hill Tracts (CHT). Through operations like ‘Operation Dabanal’ the Bangladesh Armed Forces have effectively neutralized separatist armed groups. After the peace treaty, to date, ‘Operation Uttaron’ has aimed to uphold law...

Apr 20 · >

True De-Escalation Requires A Halt To U.S. Weapons Shipments To Israel

By C.J. Atkins NEW YORK: De-escalation” is probably the most repeated word in television news broadcasts and newspaper commentary columns over the past 48 hours. But is anyone doing any actual de-escalating? Israel bombs an Iranian embassy, killing more than a dozen officials. Iran strikes back, causing minuscule damage...

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