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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has called a meeting of all Janata Dal (United) MLAs and MPs on Tuesday, leading
The Indian Space Research Organisation, or ISRO, said it is "analysing the data" on the launch of its smallest rocket,
Union home minister Amit Shah on Friday accused the Congress of appeasement politics, declaring their black-clothes protest was actually against
Ahead of Congress' protest against rising prices, MP Rahul Gandhi said that India is witnessing the 'death of democracy'. Congress
A Chinese research and survey ship is due to dock in the Chinese-run Hambantota Port in southern Sri Lanka on
Heightened police activity outside the Congress party's headquarters and chief Sonia Gandhi's residence following the sealing of the offices of


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Vidhi Centre’s New Book Says Nullification Of Article 370 Unconstitutional

  By Harihar Swarup   Friday August 5 was the third anniversary of the nullification of Article 370. It  was  also the date on which Hamin Ast? a Biography of the Article 370 published by Vidhi Centre for legal policy. was released. The book could create an enormous stir...

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After 75 Years Of Independence, Health Is Not A Fundamental Right

By Dr Arun Mitra   Since independence our country has progressed in many fields. The British colonial rulers squeezed our economy and left the nation with poor education and health status. According to Sanjay P Zodpey and Preeti H Negandhi  as per the 1951 Census, India’s population was 36.1...

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It Is Time To Take Freebies Debate To More Fundamental Levels

  By K Raveendran   The acrimony between political parties, particularly Modi’s BJP and Kejriwal’s AAP, over freebies notwithstanding, it may be an appropriate occasion for a full-fledged debate on the issue as the nation celebrates 75 years of Independence. But the cold fact is that every interested party...

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India Takes Over G-20 Presidency On December 1 AT a Critical Time

  By K R Sudhaman   India takes over presidency of G-20 at a critical juncture when geo politics is at cross roads and global economy difficult and sagging. This is significant as it takes over leadership at a time when there is need to strengthen multilateralism and that...

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ED Suffers A Legal Setback In Kerala Against LDF Govt

By P. Sreekumaran   THIRUVANTHAPURAM:  For once, the central investigating agency Enforcement Directorate(ED) finds itself at the receiving end. The ED suffered a legal setback when the Kerala High Court adjourned to August 17  the hearing on a writ petition filed by former Kerala finance minister Thomas Isaac challenging...

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Echoes Of Demand For Civilisational Rather Than National Boundaries

By James M Dorsey   When Prime Minister Victor Orban recently spelled out his vision of Hungary’s frontiers, he joined a club of expansionist leaders such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, and members of the Indian power elite who define their countries’ borders in civilisational rather than...

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Stabbing Salman Rushdie In Open Stage By A Fanatic Gives Ominous Signal

By Sushil Kutty   Two headlines stood out. One in an Israeli newspaper, ‘No one will any longer dare offend Islam: The 1989 fatwa against Salman Rushdie’. And the other in a New York daily, ‘NJ man, Hadi Matar, with sympathies toward Iranian government ID’d as suspect in Salman...

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RSS And BJP Are Trying To Appropriate Legacy Of India’s Freedom Struggle

By D Raja   As the country is celebrating the 75th anniversary of independence, it’s an irony of history that the RSS, which remained loyal to the British, is now trying to appropriate the legacy of our secular and inclusive struggle for independence. Seventy-five years ago, our country reached...

Aug 12 · >

India Lacked Policy Focus For Growth With Equity, Grass Root Development

By Nantoo Banerjee   Some may disagree but India has failed to cash in on its spirited struggle for freedom from over-a-100-year-old British Raj to convert the country into an abode of peace and prosperity for its citizens in the last 75 years. Official claims apart, India continues to...

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Afghanistan After One Year Of Taliban Rule Witnessing Extreme Poverty

By Sankar Ray   During the one year under the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, girls are more isolated, hungry and sad- often go to bed without food, 46 percent of whom say they’re not attending school compared with 20 percent of boys, according to a study, ‘Breaking Point: Life...

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