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As Iran launched drones and missiles at Israel - marking a new and more volatile phase of the Middle East
Air India flights will be avoiding Iranian airspace amid soaring Middle East tensions as warnings grew of retaliation for Israeli
A day after the Delhi High Court dismissed his petition challenging his arrest in the liquor policy case, Chief Minister
Congress MP Nakul Nath - the son of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath is the richest candidate in
While every Indian is likely to harbour a political ideology or inclination, Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud emphasized today
The Congress has released its manifesto for the 2024 Lok Sabha election, with jobs creation, development of infrastructure, and a



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BJP Led NDA’s Majority In 18th Lok Sabha Does Not Seem To Be A Done Thing

By Dr. Gyan Pathak By announcing outside support to INDIA bloc, Trinamool Congress Supremo Mamata Banerjee has just expressed the opposition’s belief at the pick of election campaign for the fifth phase that India is heading for a hung parliament. Election campaign for the fifth phase will end on...

May 16 · >

Hiking Deposit Rates By SBI In The Midst Of Lok Sabha Polls Smacks Of Politics

By Anjan Roy In the context of the US presidential election, economists and political scientists are all wondering why the ground performance of the American economy is not boosting incumbent Joe Biden’s popularity. US unemployment rate is at rock bottom levels, the economy is growing steadily, there is no...

May 16 · >

Preventing Muslims From Voting In Sambhal By Uttar Pradesh Police Was Inspired By PM

By P. Sudhir Narendra Modi cannot speak nowadays anything which even approximates the truth. His latest false utterance is in an interview after having filed his nomination in Varanasi. Modi said that when he talked of “those who have more children”, he had not meant Muslims. He further went...

May 16 · >

Conviction Of The Killers Of Narendra Dhabolkar Was Long Overdue

By Krishna Jha In the early hours of August 20, 2013, Narendra Dabholkar was on his morning walk, part of his daily routine, when two bikers drove up to him and shot him dead. Dabholkar was a rationalist, believed in scientific thinking, and always tried to struggle against any...

May 16 · >

India Has Planned To Triple Nuclear Capacity By 2030 With Russia’s Rosatom

By Girish Linganna India is set to triple its civilian nuclear power capacity by 2030 in collaboration with Russia. Rosatom is poised to significantly contribute to India’s objective of tripling its nuclear power production. Rosatom is a Russian state corporation specializing in nuclear energy and nuclear power plant construction...

May 16 · >

What Is The Truth Behind Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Hindu-Muslim’ Clarification?

By Sushil Kutty Fact-checker Muhammed Zubair checked and declared Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not speak the truth. Modi did indeed do ‘Hindu-Muslim’ as he went about drumming support from Hindus. But Zubair stopped short of asking Modi to “quit public life” as Modi said he would if he...

May 15 · >

Modi Gives Inheritance Tax A Spin To Create Communal Polarisation In Larger Agenda

By K Raveendran Narendra Modi has an uncanny knack for converting insults hurled at him into campaign rallying points, with verbal slips by Congress leaders ending up overturning Modi and his party’s s electoral fortunes. It was during the 2014 general elections, that Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar referred...

May 15 · >

Narendra Modi Turns Defensive Before The Fifth Phase Of Elections

By Dr. Gyan Pathak Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the first prime minister of India alleged to have violated the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) on Hindu-Muslim communal lines during his campaigns for the Lok Sabha General Election, and a petition was filed in the Supreme Court of India...

May 15 · >

Carrying The Long Family Tradition In Rae Bareli Lok Sabha Constituency

By Harihar Swarup Rahul Gandhi faces a tough battle in Rae Bareli where he locks horn with local strongman Dinesh Pratap Singh of the BJP. For every boundary that is breached in politics; there is a homecoming; for every leap into the unknown, a fallback into the comfort of...

May 15 · >

In Many Constituencies Of Madhya Pradesh, Voters Apathy Led To Low Turn Out

By L S Herdenia BHOPAL: Concern is being expressed, both in political and official circles over the drop in voting percentage while final picture yet to emerge. It is estimated that polling was better in rural areas while there was marked apathy in urban areas. The apathy was so...

May 15 · >