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Assam votes in a three-phase Assembly election, with the third on Tuesday (Representational)Guwahati: Six polling officials have been suspended in
Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed the change last year as part of constitutional reforms.Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday


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Defeat Of BJP In Bengal Is A Must For Boosting Opposition To Challenge Modi

By Nitya Chakraborty As the state assembly elections polling begins on March 27, Bengal is getting all the focus both nationally and internationally as the BJP leadership led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Home Minister Amit Shah, has taken this eight phase poll in the state...

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Bharat Bandh Gives Fresh Boost To Expanding Farmers Agitation

By Gyan Pathak Bharat Bandh observed on March 26 clearly indicated widening spread of the farmers’ agitation in the areas and states which have hitherto been almost free from its influence. Their support base has also shown an increase, which not only included more organizations but also more people,...

Mar 26 · >

Privatising Public Sector Undertakings By Centre Is A Strategic Blunder

By Prabhat Patnaik The Modi government has made no secret of its intention to hand over India’s public sector to its favoured corporate houses and foreign multinationals. And this is backed not by any economic argument, but rather by its desire to raise resources for government expenditure, thereby betraying...

Mar 26 · >

Women Workers Are The Most Suffering Lot In India During Pandemic

By Krishna Jha After pandemic, there has been steady decline in the life of all the sections in the society especially for those living on the margins. Though there are those that are corporates who do not have to face the same deprivation, it is for them alone that...

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Vaccine Hesitancy Among Citizens Has To Be Fiercely Combated For Safety

By Sushil Kutty The new word that’s getting usage despite not being in the dictionary is ‘vaxtard’ which is a name for followers of the vaccine cult, basically people who have set themselves up or have been set up for “mass suicide.” According to propounders of this theory, before...

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Looking For A Win, Congress Shifts Kerala Strategy

By Rahil Nora Chopra The two southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu will both vote on April 6. For the crucial Assembly polls, the Congress’s campaign strategy has shifted its emphasis from national conversations to local-level interactions, freewheeling sessions with targeted groups or sharing experiences with locals. Large...

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CJI Has A Historic Responsibility To Stay Issue Of Electoral Bonds

By Nitya Chakraborty The Supreme Court in its hearing on electoral bonds petition on Wednesday expressed right concerns about the misuse of electoral bonds but the important point which the learned judges, especially the CJI S A Bobde should know that this electoral bond issue is just a small...

Mar 25 · >

Modi Government Is Serving American Interests In South Asia

By Prakash Karat The visit of the US secretary of defence, Lloyd Austin, to India barely two months after the Biden administration took office indicates the importance the United States attributes to India as a defence partner and ally. Austin was in Japan and South Korea – both close...

Mar 25 · >

Taming Of The New Covid-19 Variants Poses A Tougher Challenge

By Gyan Pathak India finds itself more concerned about the safety of its citizens even after one year of the announcement of general lockdown of the country. Vaccination drive is in place which is too slow to tame the new wave of the spread of COVID-19. ‘Variants of concerns’...

Mar 25 · >

Moratorium Verdict: There Is Need For Greater Consistency

By K Raveendran The Supreme Court verdict on interest waiver during the moratorium announced in the wake of Covid pandemic and the consequent lockdown upholds the importance of natural justice in the interpretation of law, at the same time steering clear of areas that are beyond the expertise of...

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