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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's personal secretary and a Rajya Sabha MP are among those linked to the Aam Aadmi
The Champai Soren government in Jharkhand -- formed last week after a massive political crisis following the arrest of its
Gujarat Police probing a hate speech case on Sunday detained Islamic preacher Mufti Salman Azhari in Mumbai, an official said.
Following strikes in Iraq and Syria, US President Joe Biden released a statement saying that the US does not seek
In a sharp response to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's remarks on the Bihar caste survey, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today
Senior Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Abhishek Banerjee on Monday attributed the differences in opposition bloc INDIA in West Bengal to



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Booster Shot For Kerala LDF In Local Body Byelections

By P. Sreekumaran THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The prophets of doom have ended up with egg on their faces. The Cassandras do not know where to rush for cover. Belying all dire predictions, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) has scored a morale-boosting victory in the local body by-elections held in several districts...

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Donald Trump Forging Ahead To Get Republican Nomination For November 5 Prez Poll

By Kalyani Shankar On Saturday, former US President Donald Trump’s win over his challenger, Nikki Haley, intensified the American presidential election race. With this win, Trump is moving toward a clear path to the Republican nomination. He dominated the primaries so far, in which voters select a party’s nominee...

Feb 26 · >

India Is Top Globally In Internet Shutdown Overtaking Russia

By Girish Linganna For the past 10 days, Sonal Singh (name changed), a 20-year-old Engineering student from Ambala, located in the state of Haryana, India, has been overwhelmed with feelings of frustration and anxiety. She is anxiously waiting for news about the reinstatement of internet services in the northern...

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Saudi Arabia Is Set For A Transformation In Its Economic Programme

By Tirthankar Mitra Saudi Arabia, a country in popular imagination of white caped sheikhs driving around in limousines in broad avenues lined with sky scraping condominiums is on the cusp of a change. It is grappling with the task of reinventing its economy. It is going to be an...

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Coerced Donations To BJP May Be Mother Of All Scams Under Modi Government

By K Raveendran The accusation by the Congress party on how the Modi government used the central agencies such as the CBI and Enforcement Directorate to coerce donations, has the potential to become the biggest scandal of Modi’s rule, perhaps something with the dimensions of the 2G spectrum scandal...

Feb 24 · >

Rahul Stoops To Conquer, Sacrifices Few Seats For INDIA Bloc’s Benefit

By Arun Srivastava Pursuing the famous Marxist doctrine, one step forward and two steps backward, the Congress has relented to the demands of the satraps of the regional parties like TMC, SP and is virtually pitching to play second fiddle to them. To be reckoned as less important or...

Feb 24 · >

Assam To Be Second State In The Country To Move Closer To Uniform Civil Code

By Sushil Kutty Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has repealed the Assam Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Act, 1935, thereby dealing a body-blow to child marriages, which Assamese Muslims are favourable to. Sarma, who even otherwise is bombastic, says this move had led Assam several steps closer to...

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Prime Minister Netanyahu’s ‘Day After’ Plan For Gaza’s Future Is A Non-Starter

By James M Dorsey Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s plan for Gaza’s future once the guns fall silent is likely to be a non-starter. Rather than provide a pathway to a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the plan aims to squash Palestinian national aspirations and ensure continued Israeli control....

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Indonesia’s President Elect Prabowo Subianto Is Known For Abuse Of Human Rights

By Tirthankar Mitra At a time when India is gearing up for national elections, Indonesia chose its next president. It merits mention not only because it was the world’ largest single-day vote but it was an election which is a beacon of hope in a region plagued by autocrats...

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Ensuring Patient-Centric Healthcare With High Tech Is Imperative

By Arun Kumar Shrivastav India, on its ambitious journey to achieve a Rs 5 trillion-dollar economy by 2024-25, places healthcare at the forefront of national growth. As the country undergoes rapid transformations, 2024 is poised to witness groundbreaking developments in preventive care, wearable technologies, and the integration of IoT,...

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