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Protesting farmers from Punjab are bent on marching to Delhi today as the Union ministers' five-plus-hour meeting with them remained
Violence in Uttarakhand's Haldwani while officials were demolishing an illegal mosque and madrasa resulted in the deaths of 4 people.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's personal secretary and a Rajya Sabha MP are among those linked to the Aam Aadmi
The Champai Soren government in Jharkhand -- formed last week after a massive political crisis following the arrest of its
Gujarat Police probing a hate speech case on Sunday detained Islamic preacher Mufti Salman Azhari in Mumbai, an official said.
Following strikes in Iraq and Syria, US President Joe Biden released a statement saying that the US does not seek



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In Bihar, INDIA Bloc Constituents Are Preparing For Massive Rally In Patna On March 3

By Arun Srivastava Nearly a year after its birth, the opposition alliance, INDIA bloc, would make its existence public on March 3 at a public rally at the Gandhi maidan in Patna notwithstanding it being in public glare for right or wrong reasons during this time. The meeting has...

Feb 29 · >

Delhi Heading For A Very Tough Lok Sabha Contest In 2024

By Dr. Gyan Pathak The indications available from the ground level suggest Delhi is heading for a very tough contests in all its 7 Lok Sabha constituencies. The intermittent political clashes between the AAP led State Government and BJP led Centre in the last five years on several issues...

Feb 29 · >

Is Police Arrest Of Trinamool Strongman Sheikh Shahjahan A Scripted Drama?

By Sushil Kutty A video of Trinamool Congress strongman Sheikh Shahjahan striding down a corridor with several police running to keep up with him has surfaced online. Shahjahan is a blocky, chunky fellow, and the video was of Thursday, February 29, morning, shortly after Sheikh was arrested following a...

Feb 29 · >

‘Communist Manifesto’ Of Marx And Engels Remains Relevant Even After 176 Years

By Krishna Jha It is the 176th anniversary of the Communist Manifesto, a program for scientific socialism, a guide for change. On February 21, 1848, Communist Manifesto was published in London. It was prepared by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. The duo were the forerunners of scientific Socialism. The...

Feb 29 · >

Immediate Ceasefire In Gaza Is Imperative To Stop Wanton Killings By Israel

By Dr Arun Mitra The self-immolation of an active-duty member of the U.S Air Force Aaron Bushnell outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C on 25th February has sent shock waves around the world. He did this as a protest amidst the barbaric aggression by Israel on Gaza and...

Feb 29 · >

Legal Icon Fali S Nariman Pursued Extraordinary Career Along With Indian Constitution

By Harihar Swarup The legal career of Fali Sam Nariman began in 1950, along with the coming into force of the Indian Constitution. In the 74 years for which Nariman and the Constitution co-existed, they were inseparable. From I C Golaknath in 1967, where supreme court held that fundamental...

Feb 29 · >

CPI And CPI(M) Have To Focus Most On Improving Lok Sabha Tally From Kerala

By Nitya Chakraborty The stage is set for the holding of the Lok Sabha elections in April/May this year. The two Left parties CPI and the CPI(M) which played a major role in the formation of the Congress led UPA government after the Lok Sabha polls in 2004, are...

Feb 28 · >

Cross-Voting In Tuesday’s Rajya Sabha Election Is Ominous For INDIA Bloc

By Dr. Gyan Pathak No action can be taken against legislators under the anti-defection law or the 10th Schedule of the Constitution of India for cross-voting in Rajya Sabha elections. It made MLAs to cross-vote on as many as 15 Rajya Sabha seats during the elections held on February...

Feb 28 · >

BJP May Have Made Tactical Mistake To Drive Congress, AAP To A Point Of Breakdown

By K Raveendran The BJP may have made a tactical mistake in driving both AAP in the Delhi excise policy scam and Congress in the income tax imbroglio to the point of breakdown so that the two parties have no mojo left to stick to their respective positions with...

Feb 28 · >

Talking Of Deployment Of NATO Forces In Ukraine War Is Preposterous

By Ben Chacko The world took a step closer to global war this week with President Emmanuel Macron’s public speculation about deploying NATO forces to fight Russia in Ukraine. The French leader made it clear that there was, unsurprisingly, no consensus or agreement on the matter. But even raising...

Feb 28 · >