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Sources said that Delhi has a mix of the UK strain of the virus as well strains with double mutations.New
The patient's family has cited a CCTV footage which has led to a probe in the incident.More than a year
The order comes as Mumbai and other cities in Maharashtra face a massive number of Covid cases.Mumbai: Mumbai hospitals will
Coronavirus India: This is fifth straight day of the country seeing over 1.5 lakh new cases.New Delhi: India added over
Over 5,000 people have died in the state due to Covid so far. (File photo)Raipur: Chhattisgarh on Wednesday reported 14,250
For years, "Bernie" Madoff was regarded as an investment sage.Bernard L. Madoff, who died April 14 at 82, was the


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The legacy of IPA, founded by Nikhil Chakravartty, the doyen of journalism in India, to keep the flag of independent media flying high, is facing the threat of extinction due to the effect of the Covid pandemic. Only an emergency funding can avert such an eventuality. We appeal to all those who believe in the freedom of expression to contribute to this noble cause.
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RSS Launches Mission “Positivity Unlimited” To Protect Modi

By Arun Srivastava In the backdrop of Narendra Modi facing the worst drubbing of his political life with international media describing him as “India’s narcissistic Prime Minister” and “shameless demagogue” to revealing steep decline in his popularity, the four-day exercise of  “Positivity Unlimited” organised by the RSS chief Mohan...

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Learning Deficit A Permanent Scarring Of Covid, Says ADB

By Anjan Roy The Asian Development Bank’s Outlook 2021 is not overwhelmed by the sweeping covid pandemic incidence on the region. It has forecast resurgence in East and South Asia and somewhat sluggish growth elsewhere in the Asian continent. While there will be some transient damages to the economies...

May 20 · >

Kejriwal’s Third Covid Wave Warning Is No Child’s Play

By Sushil Kutty The Modi Government has ruled out suspending flights from Singapore just because Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said so, arguing that Kejriwal is “not competent to speak for India”. Kejriwal wanted Singapore quarantined because a ‘Singapore variant’ of Covid-19 that preferred children could be heading for...

May 20 · >

Improvement In Madhya Pradesh Covid Situation Brings Relief

By L S Herdenia BHOPAL: After facing severe hardship since the onset of second Corona wave, the people of Madhya Pradesh are feeling some respite for the past two-three days. Newspapers are carrying reports about decline in the number of new cases and about the count of deaths. According...

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Now, Mere Disagreement Is Sedition

By Ajay Gudavarthy Many new developments are taking place in Indian politics. One of them is an attempt to equate not just dissent, but even disagreement, dissatisfaction, simply thinking out loud, as sedition that can invite arrest and prosecution. Further, sedition is now being framed not just against citizens...

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Vaccination Of 18-44 Age Group: The Scam After Scam

By Raveendran It took barely a few days to realise that the May 1 target for rolling out the vaccination of the 18-44 age group, by far the biggest segment of the Indian population, was a scam. May 1 came and went off as a non-event. By May 1...

May 19 · >

Containing Covid-19 In Rural India Would Be More Challenging

By Gyan Pathak The Centre has finally discussed the strategies to contain and manage COVID-19 in the rural India, but only after the Ganges, the holiest river of the country, was found with hundreds of bodies floating on the water and buried in its sand, revealing how the disease...

May 19 · >

India At Worst In Covid Crisis In South Asia

By Dr Arun Mitra The number of COVID cases and deaths due to it is a cause of grave concern. Presently India stands number two in the total number of COVID cases in the world after USA. True that we have a large population and so the number is...

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Indu Jain: The Life-Long Spiritual Seeker

By Harihar Swarup Indu Jain, Chairman of Time of India Group, life-long spiritual seeker, pioneering philanthropist, distinguish pioneer of the arts, and passion of women’s rights, left body conscious and merged with cosmic consciousness. As tributes poured in for her from statesmen and spiritual masters—among many others– friends and...

May 19 · >

Economy Tumbles, 1 Crore Jobs Lost Since January

By Subodh Varma The number of employed persons in India plummeted from about 40 crore in January to 39 crore in April 2021. That’s a loss of one crore employed persons, one of the steepest falls ever in four months, barring the brutal devastation caused by last year’s complete...

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