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As Iran launched drones and missiles at Israel - marking a new and more volatile phase of the Middle East
Air India flights will be avoiding Iranian airspace amid soaring Middle East tensions as warnings grew of retaliation for Israeli
A day after the Delhi High Court dismissed his petition challenging his arrest in the liquor policy case, Chief Minister
Congress MP Nakul Nath - the son of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath is the richest candidate in
While every Indian is likely to harbour a political ideology or inclination, Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud emphasized today
The Congress has released its manifesto for the 2024 Lok Sabha election, with jobs creation, development of infrastructure, and a



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BJP Confident In One But Shaky In Two Other Sitting Seats In Bengal In Second Phase

By Tirthankar Mitra KOLKATA: second phase of 18th Lok Sabha elections starting on April 26 will have a strange commonality with the first phase in West Bengal. Just like the April 19 elections, it remains to be seen whether the three constituencies represented by BJP MPs in the second...

Apr 24 · >

Congress Is Hoping On Its Five Guarantees For Success In Karnataka Polls

By Harihar Swarup Winning Karnataka is central to the BJP’s plans to make deeper inroads into the south. The saffron party tasted power for the first time in South India in 2008, when B S Yediyurappa formed the government in Karnataka despite falling short of a majority. While a...

Apr 24 · >

Modi’s Attempts To Polarise Hindi Heartland Not Yielding Big Response

By Arun Srivastava Narendra Modi “spreading fear” among Hindu women by claiming that the Congress would not even spare their mangalsutra if it comes to power, as well as maligning Dr Manmohan Singh for his reflection on share of power to the minorities, such as Muslims, are the top...

Apr 24 · >

Jat Farmers Anger Haunt BJP In Second Phase Of Polls In Uttar Pradesh

By Pradeep Kapoor LUCKNOW: The visible anger in powerful Thakur-Rajput community which constitutes 10 per cent of total votes in the population of Uttar Pradesh can spoil chances of BJP candidates in eight seats of Western UP going to poll in second phase on April 26.. The Thakur community...

Apr 24 · >

Court Order On Bengal Teachers Recruitment Has Big Impact On Lok Sabha Polls

By Tirthankar Mitra Illegality and bribe are unacceptable under any circumstances. But so is tarring those with the same brush who did not indulge in these unlawful practices and obtained teaching and non-teaching jobs from 2016 School Service Commission test in West Bengal. A 300-page judgement of a Division...

Apr 24 · >

Middle East Totters On The Edge Of A Cliff As Two Arch Enemies Confront Each Other

By James M Dorsey Multiple overt and covert wars have pushed the Middle East to the edge of a cliff. Increased tension between Iran and Israel complicates efforts to pull the Middle East back from the abyss. With the two archenemies walking a fine line between waging covert or...

Apr 24 · >

Democratic Alliance Wins In South Korean Elections To Parliament Defeating Ruling PPP

By Kap Seol South Korea’s unpopular conservative president, Yoon Suk-yeol, and his People Power Party (PPP) suffered a well-deserved defeat on April 10 when voters went to the polls to elect a new National Assembly. The governing party could only manage 108 out of the 300 seats. Yoon now...

Apr 24 · >

PM Narendra Modi’s Frustration Mounting On His Stronghold Too

By Dr. Gyan Pathak At the fag end of second phase campaign of Lok Sabha election 2024 scheduled on April 26, PM Narendra Modi’s stronghold Hindi heartland states are emanating signals that they are heading for a clipping of his poll ambitions. BJP’s performance in the first phase of...

Apr 23 · >

Election Commission Is Deaf Of Hearing And Voiceless To Boot

By Sushil Kutty The second phase will be between ‘Mangalsutra’ and ‘Muslim’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and, to a lesser extent, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi have seen to it. The Congress manifesto mentions “encouraging Muslims” to fight for their rights, but later in the document chooses “ensuring Muslim rights”,...

Apr 23 · >

Why Is 2024 Lok Sabha Poll So Crucial For Defending The Secular Fabric Of India?

By D. Raja The elections for the18th Lok Sabha are taking place in a context which is extremely crucial for our country. A lot depends on how our country will decide about the survival of our Constitution and Parliamentary democracy. A plethora of rhetoric and empty promises are going...

Apr 23 · >