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The BJP on Friday hit out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for marching with activist Medha Patkar on his Bharat
Top BJP leader BL Santhosh has been summoned by the Telangana police over his party's alleged attempts to "buy" four
A week after the Supreme Court ordered the release of six people who were convicted in the assassination of former
Enforcement Directorate chief SK Mishra has received another year-long extension, his third in the job. With this extension, he would
Former bureaucrat CV Ananda Bose has been appointed Governor of West Bengal. In a statement, the office of President Droupadi
The CBI has booked Kanpur-based Rotomac Global and its directors for Rs 750.54 crore for alleged fraud in Indian Overseas


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Anti-BJP Politicians Are Merely Hounded By Modi Government

By Dr. Gyan Pathak Face is the index of the status of health of a person, and the capital of a nation is the index of a country’s state of affairs. Delhi, the national capital of India, also gives ample opportunity to see how the anti-BJP AAP leaders ruling...

Nov 25 · >

BSP Worried After Congress Puts Kharge On Top, Khabri In Uttar Pradesh

By Rahil Nora Chopra The BSP’s strategy for 2024 general elections is trying hard to regain its lost base among Dalits and Muslims. After BSP registering its worst Uttar Pradesh assembly elections defeat in terms of seats, winning only one seat in the 403-member House, and garnering just 12.8%...

Nov 25 · >

Supreme Court Has Responsibility In Ensuring An Impartial Election Commission

By Arun Srivastava With the Supreme Court questioning the Centre about resorting to unnecessary “haste” and “tearing hurry” in appointing Arun Goel as Election Commissioner, the saffron Think Tank and academician supporters of the  Narendra Modi Government have turned belligerent and have indiscreetly alleged that it was trying to...

Nov 25 · >

PM Crop Insurance Mostly Benefits Private Firms

By Dr. Soma Marla Not a single day passes without media reporting suicides committed by farmers in rural India. Crop failure due to drought, untimely and excessive rains and other weather calamities along with the acute deprivation and unpaid debts are some of the major causes forcing farmers to...

Nov 25 · >

Foreign Diplomats Want Proper General Elections In Bangladesh In 2023

By Ashis Biswas Even a spell of sustained economic growth in recent years has not helped Bangladesh in resolving its problematic image-related issues effectively in the larger international arena. One indication of this according to observers, can be found in the gratuitous advice occasionally showered upon Dhaka by serving...

Nov 25 · >

Domestic And Sexual Violence Against Women Has Reached New Peak In India

By Prakash Karat The United Nations’ call to observe November 25 as an International Day for “Elimination of Violence against Women” has got wide media coverage after the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, presented a chilling fact sheet that across the world every 11 minutes a woman or a...

Nov 24 · >

Assam Chief Minister’s Anti-Rahul Tirade Has Reached Its Lowest Ebb

By Sushil Kutty The good news is, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has gone so ’low’ that from hereon he can only go ‘high’. Sarma comparing Rahul Gandhi to Saddam Hussein is straight out of the book of the absurd. For one, Saddam was married with sons. Two,...

Nov 24 · >

No Combination Is Expected To Get Majority In The National Elections In Nepal

By Sankar Ray Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Center) and its chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal a k a Prachanda have been pushed to the fourth position in the election to the Pratinidhi Sabha (national parliament) and Pradesh Sabhas (provincial legislatures) of Nepal held on November 20., It is even...

Nov 24 · >

Savarkar Sided With The British Authorities During Freedom Movement

By Krishna Jha That Savarkar had appealed to the British colonialists several times to get released and spared after he was sent for life transportation has been proved true through all the Maafinamas that are now in public domain, but that was not all. In these letters, he had...

Nov 24 · >

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Facing Her Biggest Challenge On Economic Front

By Ashis Biswas In Bangladesh the ruling Awami League (AL), battered by extremely difficult economic challenges in the present post Covid pandemic/Ukraine war period, faces an existential challenge as it braces up for general elections in 2024. With each passing day, the anti-Government rhetoric used by main opposition outfit...

Nov 24 · >