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The legacy of IPA, founded by Nikhil Chakravartty, the doyen of journalism in India, to keep the flag of independent media flying high, is facing the threat of extinction due to the effect of the Covid pandemic. Only an emergency funding can avert such an eventuality. We appeal to all those who believe in the freedom of expression to contribute to this noble cause.
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For Film Director Shyam Benegal, There Is No Retirement From Work

By Harihar Swarup Shyam Benegal, now 86, doesn’t believe in retirement. Life will happen to you anyway, he says, as he prepares for his first film in 11 years. Benegal likes to joke that he’s always introduced as a man who needs no introduction, a line that is followed...

Oct 20 · >

National Digital Health Mission Is Not The Only Answer To India’s Problem

By Dr Arun Mitra The Prime Minister launched National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) on 27th September 2021 giving high hopes that it will bring about drastic improvement in healthcare of our people. The mission is basically to collect and compile health data which has been made easy by the...

Oct 19 · >

Ongoing Economic Recovery In India Is Ridden With Risks

By Dr. Gyan Pathak The recent high frequency indicators suggest an ongoing economic recovery in India, but pressures of inflation have been elevated along with several other uncertainties. Though IMF assessment for India after Article IV Consultations has said ‘inflation eased to 5.6 per cent in July returning to...

Oct 19 · >

Hindu ‘Hriday Samrat’ Is A Big Failure In Protecting His Brethren In Home And World

By Sushil Kutty Maybe in a decade, or a decade and a half, the only Hindu left in Bangladesh could be India’s envoy to Dhaka. That if that gentleman happens to be Hindu. The story is that at the rate at which the Hindu is racing towards “endangered species”...

Oct 19 · >

Everything Is Wrong With Indian Budgets For Prisons

By Bharat Dogra The highly unsatisfactory conditions of prisons and prisoners often gets reported in India. To what extent is this related to budget-related factors? Analysis of official expenditure data for prisons for 2019 throws some light on this issue. Data from ‘Prison Statistics India 2019’, published by the...

Oct 19 · >

Imran Khan Is Fighting Twin Battles At The Moment To Remain In Power

By Sankar Ray The principal ruling party of Pakistan, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf under the Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi, is, to say the least, facing a crisis of existence and identify as the PTI-led government in Islamabad sets its foot into the last year of four-year tenure. The state is...

Oct 19 · >

Remembering Marxist Prime Minister Maurice Bishop Who Ruled Grenada For Four Years

By Owen Schalk October 16 marked 38 years since the death of Maurice Bishop, leader of the tragically short-lived People’s Revolutionary Government of Grenada (PRG). The PRG was formed when the New Jewel Movement (NJM), led by the widely popular Bishop, seized control of the country from the U.S.-backed...

Oct 19 · >

India’s Digital Services Tax Is Under Global Scanner

By Nantoo Banerjee India’s commerce department seems to be out of touch with the government’s intentional tax deals — bilateral or multilateral. In recent times, India has lost all tax cases against MNCs in international courts and tribunals. It also lost large undisclosed sums in fighting these hopeless litigations...

Oct 18 · >

Sonia Gandhi Is Now Officially Hands On President Of Congress Party

By Kalyani Shankar The Gandhi family has established its claim over the Congress party at the CWC meeting on October 16 as seen by Sonia Gandhi’s assertive speech. Her message to the Party in simple words is that “we are the Gandhis, and we rule as long as we...

Oct 18 · >

Farmers Leader Rakesh Tikait Must Talk In Public With Utmost Care

By Sushil Kutty There is a growing realization and appreciation in large swathes of the country that Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have together been leading a resurgence in Congress fortunes in recent days and weeks; Priyanka Gandhi in particular, especially after MoS (Home) Ajay Kumar Mishra ‘Teni’ and...

Oct 18 · >