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By Nora Chopra

According to banking data from 16th September To 30th September 2016 INR 3,9467 lakh crore has been deposited. The corresponding data with regard to this period for the last couple of years shows deposit of INR 1,264 lakh crore and INR 1,282, lakh crore respectively. It is reported that government has explained it as surge in deposits by stating that such surge is result of payments made to central government employees, arising out of implementation of the 7th pay commission and IDS scheme deposits as unaccounted wealth of nearly INR 65, 250 crore has been disclosed under the said scheme. But if one believes the RTI INR 34, 600 Crore were deposited by Government.


Towards arrears payments to employees in respect of 7th pay commission there is a total provision of INR 1.02 Lakh Crore. Further, in IDS, the tax liability. to be paid to govt. would work out to be around INR 29,200 Crore to be paid in two instalments of approx. INR 14,600 Crore by 30th Sep,16 and 30th Sep,17 respectively. We still need to get this data from govt. documents. But in any case, one thing is quite clear that surge of around INR 2.7 lakh crore is totally un-explained by govt. till date. That proves that some people were aware of what was coming. This is part of the affidavit that the lawyer Vivek Narayan Sharma has submitted to the Supreme Court along with the PIL WP((C) NO 906 Vivek Narayan Sharma against Union of India.


Richard Verma, the US ambassador to India is a real charmer. He like a shrewd diplomat connected with the Indian audiences who had come to hear him talk on the Indo US relations at the ITC Maurya Sheraton on Tuesday this week. Verma, a Punjabi born in Jalandar endeared himself to the audiences by playing on his Indian roots. Saying India is a small place where everyone knows everyone else, he narrated an anecdote where his father had the habit of introducing himself to every visiting Indian about his Indian origins. He said when in 2009 after his appointment ,the Indian prime minister came to Washington the whole night preceding it his father kept saying that when he meets the Indian PM, he must tell him that he belongs to Jalandhar in Punjab but Verma kept telling him that he would not do it as it was against the etiquettes . But when the next day ,the Indian prime minister was being introduced to everyone and when his chance of being introduction came ,the prime minister stopped and asked him whether he had anything to do with India. and on knowing that Verma’s parents had Indian roots he asked him from where and when Verma told him that he belonged to Jalandhar, the prime minister was extremely excited . He said he too belonged to Jalandhar and asked him about his parents. The prime minister then narrated about his family history like his father always did. He said amidst laughter that India is a very small place, where everyone knows everyone else. The US ambassador was extremely shrewd and did not utter a word in his half an hour speech nor in an question answer session on Trump- the president elect of United States of America. And nor did he name anywhere the present Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi who has been claiming proximity to the US and its president Barrack Obama.


Poor Raj Babbar. He was made the UPCC chief but of late he has been left alone to fend for himself and his party that he is leading. The upper caste leadership of the Uttar Pradesh Congress on Sunday boycotted the dalit yatra flagged off by the UPCC chief Raj Babbar Sheila Dixit , the chief ministerial face of the Congress as well as the campaign committee chief Sanjay Singh both were conspicuous by their absence. Even Pramod Tiwari who is omnipresent at all UPCC functions, was also absent and so was Nirmal Khatri, the chairman of the screening committee.. Eyebrows were also raised at the absence of Ghulam Nabi Azad who is the real adviser of Rahul Gandhi. Even PK who had advised Rahul Gandhi to project a Brahmin as the Congress face for the CM post, was not present.. The only two persons who were present with Babbar was PL Punia and the AICC secretary K Raju . Both Punia and Raju are dalit leaders of the Congress but have no mass base. As for Raj Babbar his popularity is by virtue of being a film star who is a secular person but if he leads the dalit yatra by virtue of being a sunhar or an MBC he is unlikely to get recognition or support from the dalits or OBCs or MBCs.


Revolt is brewing against the central leadership and the Maharashtra PCC chief Ashok Chavan in the aftermath of the Congress’s dismal performance and defeat of the Party in the municipal election in the Vidarbha region. The main reason for the Congress defeat is being seen as to the disillusionment among the minorities who did not vote for the Congress . The high command had been warned before the elections about what was coming. Rahul was told if he failed to act at that time, the Congress was bound to lose. Not a single Muslim was given a ticket despite the party’s observer Kripa Shankar’s insistence to give Nasir Khan, a strong Muslim candidate the ticket the PCC chief Ashok Chavan brought one candidate from Hyderabad and gave him THE ticket for Yuvatmal constituency. The result of which was that Congress came fourth. Both Rahul Gandhi and the Congress President were warned before the elections by Naresh Pugulia and Vilas Mutamvyar. But now if their demand for the removal of Ashok Chavan from the post fails ,then the Congress in Vidarbha will be definitely split.


The annual Cricket match between parliamentarians and journalists has always been the cynosure of all eyes. Kirti Azad, the cricketer turned BJP MP was one of the pioneers who started this match may not be there this time. If one believes the buzz in parliament Kirti Azad who fell out with his party after he took on the finance minister of today Arun Jaitley levelling corruption charges on him relating to Delhi Cricket Association, will not be part of the team of parliamentarians in the match against journos. (IPA)

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