‘Swadeshi Fascism ‘Is Knocking At The Door Of Indian Democracy

By Nitya Chakraborty

India is passing through a treacherous times. There is no Dickensian dual scenario-it is one way- it is the worst of times. Indian democracy is at peril. The voice of dissent is being throttled. The ruling establishment is encouraging the most heinous type of abuses and abetment to violence in social media.; Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is considered as the darling of the online netizens, has found no time to send any condolence message on the brutal murder of one of the most respected journalists in the country Gouri Lankesh. Rather, he is following in twitter still the saffron heroes of online who are expressing glee at the death of one of the anti- Hindutva voices in the media. There is fear, apprehensions in the Indian media, more so in the states and the districts as the different segments of the Sangh Parivar are getting emboldened to take on the dissenters who question them or oppose their actions. Everything has to be in their way, otherwise?.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stopped talking about acche din in the fourth year of his rule. The economic situation is pretty grim and the NDA government is having comfortable time only because the opposition parties lack the strength and determination and the main party the Congress is rudderless. Vice-president Rahul Gandhi is still not in a position to galvanise the party supporters and connect them to the disgruntled masses who are angry with the policies of the Modi regime. The opposition parties have started making some joint efforts but that still lacks the required dynamism to meet effectively the BJP challenge. The opposition has not been able to mobilize the affected masses against job losses and the distress in the informal sector of the economy which have adversely affected the minorities and the dalits.

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