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Rahul To Begin Term With Two Rallies

By Rahil Nora Chopra

The first programme of Rahul Gandhi after assuming his position as Congress vice-president will be a Yatra from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari, but it will commence only after the completion of the election in Gujarat. He is then expected to undertake a second Yatra from West Bengal to Gujarat. According to senior Congress leaders, Rahul is expected to make changes to his secretariat only after the two yatras are completed. Till then no changes are envisaged. Meanwhile, Maharashtra Congress functionary Shehzad Poonawalla, who sparked a controversy by challenging Rahul Gandhi’s elevation as party chief, has released the audio clip of his conversation with party spokesman Manish Tiwari, where the senior Congress leader is heard telling Poonawalla that Congress is a proprietorship like every other political party in India.The Maharashtra leader said many state leaders were not happy with the manner of Rahul Gandhi’s election proceedings. There is a new twist in the story, with the local Congress leaders claiming that Shahzad is not even a delegate and that even his family members have disowned him.


The infighting in AAP Party over the party’s three Rajya Sabha seats has intensified, with Kumar Biswas, a prominent dissenting voice, alleging a conspiracy to deny him a seat. The leadership does not want to accommodate him. AAP has revoked the suspension of MLA Amanatullah Khan, against whom Biswas had come out openly. Biswas is now planning to call a meeting for opposing the AAP move for forging an alliance with Lalu’s party RJD. Lalu’s son Tejisvi Yadav recently met Arvind Kejriwal and the two leaders are believed to have decided to fight together against BJP. Kejriwal agreed to join the opposition in the wake of the appointment of Sanjay Singh as a in-charge of Bihar in place of MLA Sanjeev Jha to enter into an alliance. But Biswas is while firmly against an alliance with Lalu. The buzz is that AAP leader Sanjay singh and Ashutosh are the front runners for the Rajya Sabha seats.


Senior Congress leader Meira Kumar is lobbying hard to get a Rajya Sabha seat from Bihar with the support of RJD. She met Lalu Prasad Yadav and sought his support. If the arrangement works out, she will be fielded as a joint candidate of Congress and RJD in the election.


NCP chief Sharad Pawar is planning to hold a Dhikkar Rally on 12 December in Nagpur against the non-performance and anti-people policies of the BJP government in Maharashtra. Seniior Congress leaders from Vidharbha are said to be supporting the protest. State Congress chief Ashok Chavan wanted to hold a protest on 11 December, but he cancelled it after Sharad Pawar announced the NCP rally. This had led to speculation that Sharad Pawar wants an alliance with Congress in Maharashtra for the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. (IPA)

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