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Maharashtra reported 47,288 cases and 155 deaths on Monday (File)New Delhi: Maharashtra reported over 55,000 COVID-19 cases in the last
Delhi Capitals (DC) opening batsman Prithvi Shaw welcomed head coach Ricky Ponting, who joined the team after completing
India started inoculations with frontline and health workers, and went on to people above 60New Delhi: Vaccinations will not be
NCP leader Anil Deshmukh resigned as Maharashtra Home Minister on Monday (File)Mumbai/New Delhi: The CBI has registered a 'preliminary inquiry'
The number of cases breached the 1-lakh mark for the second time in three days.New Delhi: India on Tuesday recorded
The number of cases breached the 1-lakh mark for the second time in three days.New Delhi: India on Tuesday recorded



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BJP Led NDA Is Advantageously Placed In The Presidential Elections On July 18

By Harihar Swarup How the President of India is elected? The Election Commission has notified the election of India’s next President 0n July 18. A look at the voting procedure, how the votes of MLAs and MPs are weighted, and how, previous elections have played out? The President is...

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Surging Costs Of Food Pose Significant Challenge In South Asia

By Dr. Gyan Pathak Surging food costs in South Asia, a region populated by more than one-third of the global poor and where one-fifth of calories come from wheat products, pose significant challenges to poverty alleviation and food security. The World Bank’s projection of downside risks to the economic...

Jun 11 · >

BJP Is Out To Take Advantage Out Of Muslim Outburst Against Nupur Sharma

By Sushil Kutty Lopping off anybody’s head in the best of Islamist traditions isn’t for India. And no amount of rioting can change that. But frustration has to spill. And so it did. High up in the sky, above Bengaluru, a grotesquely strung up Nupur Sharma effigy, hanging from...

Jun 11 · >

Friday Violence By Muslims Is A Gift In Disguise For The Hindutva Forces

By Arun Srivastava The spate of violence that erupted across the country, in which two persons lost their lives in Ranchi on Friday is an ugly blot on the fabric of inclusive India. It ought to not have occurred in the first place. This has provided wide space of...

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Two Recent Bombay High Court Judgments Have Given A New Direction

By Nihalsing B Rathod Two judgments of great significance delivered by the Bombay High Court in the last three years indicate a trend of understanding the Code of Criminal Procedure (‘CrPC’) as per the Constitutional framework of “due process of law” in Article 21 of the Constitution. This is...

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Throughout Europe, New Laws Are Criminalizing Desperate Refugees

By Tiara Sahar Ataii One Saturday morning in November 2020, Dimitris Choulis, a human rights lawyer native to the Greek island of Samos, woke to a message informing him that twenty-four asylum seekers had landed on the beach. Worried they would be forced back to Turkey by the Greek...

Jun 11 · >

Surge In Covid-19 Cases Is Alarming, Special Attention Required

By Dr. Gyan Pathak The rise in cases of COVID-19 infection in India now is the sharpest this year which may be an early warning for the fourth wave. Daily infection count in the last 24 hours has touched the figure 7,584, as per the official information available in...

Jun 10 · >

Anti-Gandhi Dynasty Congressmen Getting Active In States Once Again

By Sushil Kutty It starts with “Dear Congresspersons…” and doesn’t stop till the last vestiges of the Congress party’s confidence in the Gandhi family haven’t been ridden to the ground, the Gandhis painted in mud colours. Who were the people behind this exercise is still not apparent to the...

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Indian Economy Under Narendra Modi Is Heading For A Stationary State

By Prabhat Patnaik Adam Smith and David Ricardo had been haunted by the idea of capitalism ending up in a “stationary state”, by which they meant a stable state of zero growth. Marx used the term “simple reproduction” to describe such a state, where there is no net addition...

Jun 10 · >

High Inflation Is Eroding The Real Wages Of The Working People In India

By Sanjay Roy The possibilities of persistent inflation seem to be looming large and a resultant contraction in demand primarily because of a cost-of-living squeeze is going to impact the growth rate, the forecast of which undergoes a downward revision in recent rounds by most rating agencies. The Russia-Ukraine...

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