Former President Lula Now Most Popular To Win Brazilian Elections

By Nitya Chakraborty

One year has passed since Brazil’s first woman President Dilma Rousseff of the Brazilian Workers Party(PT) was removed from office by an unconstitutional coup by the right wing parties with the encouragement of the corporate media and the US business interests .During this period, the new president Michel Temer who is known as one of the most corrupt politicians, has made all efforts to undo all the pro-people measures introduced by the left wing government under Rousseff and earlier by Lula de Silva during his two terms as President, but the unelected President Temer’s actions have been strongly opposed by the Brazil’s workers, and the lower middle classes by holding massive demonstrations.

In the process, the veteran leader Lula has emerged as the most popular in the eyes of the Brazilians and with his announcement that he will be contesting for the Presidential position in 2018 elections, there has been a massive positive response to his candidature.PT veteran Lula is now in a campaign trail throughtout the country and thousands of people are attending every meeting of Lula declaring in unequivocal terms that the former President and the friend of the poor is their only candidate for the next Pre4sident.

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