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Dubai Indian Lady Orders $40,000 Gold-Laden Cake To Celebrate Independence Day

By IPA Special Correspondent

DUBAI: At the request of an Indian lady client in Dubai, whose name has not been disclosed, city-based Broadway Bakery has created the world’s most expensive edible cake as part of the celebrations of Indian Independence Day. It features Bollywood celebrity Aamir Khan (as Mahavir Singh Phogat) glamorously looking on with unwavering conviction as he trains his daughters Geeta and Babita for Olympic greatness.

The client wanted gold to be generously incorporated into the cake and the cake makers obliged her by coating each medal with 75grams of edible gold. The gold medals are beautiful replicas of the medal Geeta Phogat won in the 2010 Commonwealth Games wrestling finals.

It took Broadway Bakery’s teams 3.5 weeks and 1,200 man-hours to create this $40,000 cake, which is a work of art. Even though the sculpture took a long time to complete, the cake sponge is to be made fresh the night before the actual event.

The cake makers say reaching the client’s satisfaction was a long and challenging road, and it required the bakery to first create a full-size imitation before design was confirmed.

Edible gold is used as a cosmetic ingredient in food and drinks around the world. Europeans have been adding gold leaf to food and liquor since the Renaissance and such gold can also be found adorning certain Japanese candies and South Asian pastries.

The cake is 100% edible and made entirely using sugar fondant, the signature chocolate sponge, ganache, Belgian chocolate, demerara sugar and edible gold. The signature chocolate cake is one of the best tasting gourmet cakes in town.

As not all the cake artists spoke Hindi, the cake makers made special arrangements for them to watch the movie with English subtitles to allow them to immerse themselves into the Dangal experience. Watching the movie allowed the workers to relate to the theme of the project and gave them the right inspiration to create the most breathtaking sculpture.

Broadway Bakery’s head chef and high-tech product design teams studied Aamir Khan’s personality for over a week to perfect the model’s immaculate expression and larger than life presence.

The model is 4 feet tall from the base to the tip of Aamir Khan’s head. The fresh sponge weighs 30kg while the overall weight comes to 54kg. At the current weight, the cake can comfortably serve 240 guests.

According to a statement issued by the cake makers, the client wanted to build something that reflected the common man’s struggle and how India had progressed into the modern era. The concepts considered were based on some of India’s most nationalistic movies including Rang De Basanti, Chak de! India, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Lagaan.

The statement described the Indian lady client as a patriot and believer in women’s rights, who loved the pro-feminist themes surrounding Dangal. The product team designed the Dangal cake to depict the vital role that women played in breaking stereotypes. The statement also pointed out how Indian women have raised the country’s standing despite social, cultural and economic barriers, and have overcome everyday challenges to collectively lead India to a global powerhouse. (IPA)

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