Don’t Dismiss Modi’s Make In India Just Yet

By Subrata Majumder

Media and political analysts are blaming Modi’s Make in India for turning out to be a jobless initiative. His several schemes to generate employment opportunities were mocked. They argued that his Make in India – committed for job creation through manufacturing – has failed. It failed to stimulate domestic investors. Foreign investment boomed. But foreign investment was not the prime target to expand job opportunities.

Under the Make in India initiative, Modi administration acted swiftly to ensure “Ease of Doing Business”, cutting down several procedural hassles, curbing bureaucracy and red tape by enlarging E-systems. Several-growth oriented schemes, such as Start-up India, Digital India and Smart City concepts, were introduced. But, all failed to impact and show the desired results n employment generation, according to media analysts. During July 2014 to December 2016, only 641,000 jobs were created. In comparison, 1,280,000 jobs were created during July 2011 – December 2013, during UPA region.

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