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The BJP national leadership is expected to make the announcement soon about the new Rajasthan chief minister. There are five contenders
As the BJP zoomed ahead of the Congress in the Madhya Pradesh election trends, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia responded to
Just hours before Telangana went to polls, Andhra Pradesh took charge of the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and began releasing water,
Exit polls that predicted a primacy of Congress in Chhattisgarh and Telangana and that of the BJP in Rajasthan and
The White House National Security Council spokesperson, John Kirby, stressed on Friday that the US continues to improve its strategic
Rescuers have pulled out all 41 workers trapped for 17 days inside a collapsed Uttarakhand tunnel after rat miners drilled



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Delaying Selection Of Chief Ministers Does Not Speak Well Of BJP Leadership

By Sushil Kutty Delay in picking Chief Ministers for Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan is telling on the mental agility of claimants for the post in all three states. Look at outgoing Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan who can’t stand in one spot for more than an hour...

Dec 9 · >

Former Prime Minister V P Singh Who Mandalised Politics, Has Become Relevant Again

By Harihar Swarup Finally, somebody has politically owned him—Vishwanath Pratap Singh, the 7th Prime Minister of India. Though he changed the course of Indian politics, and unleashed forces leading irreversibly to the rise and rise of OBCs, a process that is likely to influence the 2024 elections, the Mandal...

Dec 9 · >

Human Rights And Labour Advocacy Need To Be Intensified To Protect Workforce

By Dr. Gyan Pathak December 10, 2023 is the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO Convention 87, yet we are far from achieving human dignity, freedom, and social justice for all, especially for the entire workforce. Intensified efforts to promote and protect the human...

Dec 9 · >

Mahua’s Unethical Expulsion From Lok Sabha Is Going To Strengthen INDIA Bloc

By Arun Srivastava The cat phrase “Modi Hai to Mumkin Hai” was proved correct by none else but Narendra Modi himself when he succeeded in his mission to have Mahua Moitra of TMC expelled from Lok Sabha by manipulating the parliamentary procedures and practices. In the history of the...

Dec 9 · >

Master Of Roster Controversy: History Repeats Itself After A Gap Of Six Years

By K Raveendran It may not have been as high-profile as the ‘call of national duty’ press conference by the four senior most judges of the Supreme Court about six years ago. But the renewed controversy about the master of the roster, prompting two senior advocates of the apex...

Dec 9 · >

Kanam: A Communist To The Core, A Pillar Of Left Unity In Kerala

By P. Sreekumaran THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The left movement in the country in general and in Kerala in particular suffered a grievous loss in the passing away of Communist Party of India (CPI) state secretary Kanam Rajendran. Kanam had been admitted to hospital on October 25 with multiple ailments, including a...

Dec 9 · >

Old Versus Young Debate In Bengal Trinamool Congress On Lok Sabha Polls Eve

By Tirthankar Mitra Trinamool Congress has found itself in a political whirlpool ever since the cash for teaching jobs case unfolded in West Bengal leading to several senior Trinamool Congress ministers and leaders marking time behind the bars and CBI and ED grilling some others. As the cup of...

Dec 9 · >

Hectic Work Is On In ISRO To Send First Indian Astronaut To Moon By 2040

By Girish Linganna In October this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi led a significant meeting to evaluate the advancement of India’s Gaganyaan Mission and to define the future of the nation’s space exploration efforts. Expanding on the achievements of such previous space missions as Chandrayan-3 and Aditya L-1, the...

Dec 9 · >

UAE Walks An Ever-Tightening Geopolitical Tightrope Of Big Power Rivalries

By James M Dorsey The United Arab Emirates walks a geopolitical tightrope, juggling big power rivalries and mounting regional instability fuelled by the Gaza war. Putin’s movements beyond the confines of Russia are restricted. Signatories of the Rome Statute that established the International Criminal Court are obliged to arrest...

Dec 9 · >

No Trace Of ‘Team Spirit’ In BJP, Only Modi Eulogy And Hindutva

By Sushil Kutty Prime Minister Narendra Modi says the BJP victories in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh were because of ‘team spirit’ in the Bharatiya Janata Party. Is that so, who is the Prime Minister fooling? Team spirit is the last thing in the saffron party. Team spirit goes...

Dec 8 · >